072. How Australia Curbs CCP Virus

Australia Curbs CCP Virus Outbreak by Decoupling From the Chinese Regime

Commentary by Ling Xiaohui
May 25, 2020

Health officials in the Australian state of New South Wales announced on March 12 that they expected 20 percent of the state’s eight million residents to be infected by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Extrapolating from this data model, up to 5.1 million people in all of Australia could have been hit by the first wave of a nationwide outbreak presumably lasting between 12 and 22 weeks.

However, more than two months later, the total confirmed cases of CCP virus infection in Australia was 7,079, and there were 100 deaths, as of May 20.

The difference between the estimated number and the actual number is stark.

An Effective Way to Contain the CCP Virus

In a COVID-19 webinar held by the Australian Academy of Health and Medical science on April 29, infectious disease expert Sharon Lewin attributed this low fatality rate to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s decision to bar or quarantine travellers from China starting Feb. 1. University of Melbourne Professor Shitij Kapur, who led the panel, agreed with Lewin’s point. He compared Australia’s result with that of Canada. He said, “For the first 16 days of this pandemic we were within 10 cases of each other … And then something changed in late March.”

“Today Canada has 45,000 cases, and we have 6000. Just a month ago we both had 4000, so that tells us how quickly all of this could have changed,” Kapur said.

The conclusions of the experts above were drawn based on visible phenomena, knowing that the CCP’s concealment of the outbreak has caused the spread of the virus worldwide.

I would suggest another factor in Australia’s unexpectedly lower number that may be just as, if not more, important: decoupling from the CCP and disclosing the truth about the source of the CCP virus.

The Australian government and media exposing the CCP’s infiltration and threats have prevented the Chinese regime from further meddling in the country’s affairs. Recently, the Australian government’s determination to investigate the source of the virus is essential to containing the pandemic. This is a critical move to expose the fact that the pandemic was caused by the CCP’s initial coverup of the outbreak.

A Push for Independent Investigation

Morrison is determined to push ahead with calls for a global inquiry into the origins of the deadly virus for two purposes. He insists that Australia is committed to an investigation into the spread and origins of the CCP virus. With the investigation, the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) is under scrutiny for its slow response during the early outbreak.

Morrison wasted no time in seeking support for an international investigation into the pandemic—he made overnight phone calls to U.S. President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Morrison believes that an independent inquiry is a fairly obvious and common-sense suggestion. After all, since the outbreak was reported to the WHO on Dec. 31, the virus has caused more than 3.9 million infections and more than 270,000 deaths worldwide.

According to the South China Morning Post, government records from Nov. 17, 2019 suggest that the first confirmed case may have been a 55-year-old Hubei resident.

When the world is anxious to learn the truth about the CCP virus, the regime responds with paranoia. Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye warned that Australia’s pursuit of a global COVID-19 probe could spark a Chinese boycott of Australian tourism and agriculture.

In response to the explicit threat from Chinese ambassador Cheng, Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the comments were “disappointing” and that the government’s position would not change.

“Australia is no more going to change our policy position on a major public health issue because of economic coercion or threats of coercion, than we would change our policy position in matters of national security,” Birmingham said.

The Trade Minister also confirmed the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frances Adamson, had called the ambassador to discuss his comments.

On April 27, Foreign Minister Marise Payne also rejected “any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what is needed is global cooperation.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt said an independent inquiry was in the interests of Australia and the world.

Spokesperson for foreign affairs Penny Wong also said that the opposition Labor Party supports the government’s calls. “The world wants to understand the origin of COVID-19, and the world is entitled to understand that,” Wong said, adding that the inquiry was “the right thing to do” for humanity.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese also backed the government’s calls for a review into the origins of the virus. He was quoted in PerthNow as saying “It’s important that an element of that relationship be transparency. Australia wants a positive relationship with China but it’s got to be built on a level of trust and transparency.”

The Daily Telegraph in Australia published an article referencing a 15-page dossier compiled by the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance, saying the document shows that “China deliberately covered up evidence of the virus [COVID-19] early on in a pure case of negligence.” The document states that China’s secrecy amounted to an “assault on international transparency.”

Speaking to CNBC, Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU’s executive arm, said she would like to see China work together with her organization, and others, to get to the bottom of exactly how it emerged.

The spread of the virus and even the development into a pandemic was caused precisely by the CCP’s concealment of the outbreak since the beginning. The global request for an investigation of the source of the virus is for good reasons. The Australian government’s firm request for the investigation is clearly probing into the crimes of the CCP, and the CCP knows it well.

Recognize the Evil of the CCP

On April 28, Peter Hartcher of The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an opinion article: “Ambassador Cheng Jingye has done Australia a great service” and “shown us the true face of the Chinese government’s feeling for Australia.”

“The Chinese Communist Party for years has been working systematically to undermine Australia’s sovereignty. To ‘take over’ our political system, in the words of Australia’s former national security adviser and ASIO chief, Duncan Lewis.

“But the Chinese regime always kept the smiling mask of friendship in place.

“President Xi Jinping told Australia’s Parliament in 2014 that the two countries should be harmonious neighbours who stick together in both good times and bad times.

“Well, the bad times are now upon us, courtesy of the made-in-China pandemic. And what has China’s official representative in Canberra done? Ambassador Cheng has openly threatened Australia with trade boycotts.”

“He said the idea of an inquiry was ‘dangerous.’

“As for the foolishness of Cheng’s position, it’s threefold.

“First, he’s been foolish enough to expose the reality of Beijing’s intentions towards Australia. The CCP seeks dominance, through any means possible.

“But, to now, the party’s functionaries have delivered their threats and pressure tactics in private and coercion has never been declared openly. Now we all see the truth—there is no goodwill, only gangsterism.

“Second, ‘it’s a pretty inept piece of Wolf Warrior diplomacy because he’s huffing and puffing after the house has already blown down—China has already done more damage to our economy than any boycotts could,’ says Rory Medcalf, head of the ANU’s National Security College.

“And third, Cheng’s comments are foolish because an open attempt to intimidate Morrison can only serve to rally Australia around the Prime Minister.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg described China’s latest criticisms of Australia as ludicrous.

“We won’t bow to economic coercion, we will continue to talk up in Australia’s national interest and we won’t trade off health outcomes for economic outcomes,” he told Sky News.

Previously, reports of Chinese government-backed global property giant Greenland Group and Chinese-owned Risland Australia shipped tons of supplies of essential medical items back to China through January and February.

What has caused the turning point in Australia’s outbreak?

Yuanhua Li, a scholar residing in Australia, commented that the global outbreaks have the general public and the government of Australia awakening to the CCP’s lies and gangster-like behavior.

Indeed, the disaster caused by the CCP’s lies has a corrosive effect on Australia. It has clearly demonstrated the speedy awakening of the entire nation.

Decoupling From the CCP Is Decoupling From the CCP Virus

It can be seen that countries and regions that are close to the CCP have had bigger problems with the CCP virus than those who are not close. This is no coincidence.

Decoupling from the CCP is being considered by many countries now. Separating from the CCP economically, strategically, and morally makes sense on many levels.

For Chinese people, decoupling from the CCP takes the form of withdrawing from its party organizations, namely, the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. They view withdrawing and decoupling as the best ways to protect themselves from the consequences of the various evils begotten by the CCP—including the CCP virus.

More than 356 million Chinese people have withdrawn from the above CCP organizations.

For anyone in any country, to disavow and denounce the CCP—whether out loud or simply in one’s heart—is to take a big step toward a positive future, especially at this critical juncture.




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