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Nigerian Diplomat Defends His Citizens While a Chinese Official Labels Overseas Chinese Wanting to Return Home “Political Virus”

June 3, 2020 | By Xinzhou, (Minghui.org)

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party has been indifferent or even cruel to the Chinese living overseas. A Nigerian diplomat in China, on the other hand, stood up to defend his citizens who were mistreated in China. The sharp contrast affirms the CCP’s disregard for people’s lives.

Defending Own Citizens vs. Blaming Them

An online video on April 11 showed that the Nigeria Consul-General Anozie Maduabuchi Cyril confronted the Chinese coronavirus control enforcement team who had confiscated the passports of three Nigerians living in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The Nigerians tested negative but were still ordered to go into quarantine.

A visibly angry Cyril snatched the passports from the Chinese officials’ hands, and gave them back to his people, “Listen, Nigerian passports belong to the Nigerian government. There is an international treaty that no country can confiscate it!”

“If you want to carry out your quarantine policy, you should do that to everyone. Close every door and let every person stay at home, including Chinese, Nigerian, and even all of you! You should not discriminate anyone!”

Then a Chinese official tried to threaten him, “If you continue, your name will be known all over the world.”

“I do not care if my name is known! Your name will be known, too! According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as a foreign consul, I have the right to protect my citizens. What I’m doing tonight is to protect all Nigerian citizens. They are not criminals. Why do you harass them?”

This video was widely watched and received many “likes.”

Compared with how Cyril protected his people, how the CCP responded when the Chinese citizens were mistreated in other countries, was stunning.

According to China’s media, there are about 150,000 Chinese in Russia, with 27,000 students and the rest merchants and workers. The Russian authorities treated them toughly amid the pandemic. The city of Moscow deported several dozen Chinese for violating quarantine regulations on April 10. The Chinese media, “8 AM Health Insight,” reported on April 14 that Russian authorities locked down the Friendship Hotel in Moscow where many Chinese were staying, took away their passports and quarantined them for 14 days. The Russian government also sent many Chinese to the Sino-Russian border, asking them to go back to China.

However, the CCP showed no sympathy for its citizens. First, the government cut its flights to make it almost impossible for those Chinese to come back. Since March 26, each airline in China is only allowed to make one flight to a foreign country each week; foreign airlines are only allowed to make one flight to China each week.

Secondly, China closed all checkpoints between China and Russia. The Heilongjiang Provincial government issued an order on April 13, encouraging people to report any person illegally crossing the border. A person who gives a tip to the government will receive a 3,000 yuan reward. People who catch the border-crosser and hand him to the authorities will receive a 5,000 yuan reward.

On April 17, Zhang Hanhui, China’s Ambassador to Russia had an online discussion with several representatives of the Chinese in Russia. Zhang labeled those Chinese people wanting to return to China a “political virus” who wanted to bring “the poison” to China. He criticized them for “eating the meal of Sino-Russian cooperation but smashing the pot of Sino-Russian relations,” and scolded them for “having no moral bottom line.”

The CCP rejected not only the Chinese in Russia, but also hundreds of thousands of Chinese in other countries when it cut off flights. For those who managed to come home, the CCP had a “welcoming slogan” for them: “You stayed overseas when our country faced problems, but then you are the first to fly thousands of miles back to poison our country (when it is getting better).”

The CCP’s abandoning Chinese in Russia is quite a contrast to the Nigerian diplomat’s protecting his citizens and many countries’ sending additional planes to evacuate their citizens out of the pandemic regions.

A responsible government should promptly help its citizens when they are facing unfair treatment or being bullied. This is a must, from the angle of either emotion, moral, legal, or civil responsibility. Why a Nigerian diplomat can do it but the “world’s second-largest economy” cannot? Didn’t the CCP claim that it has all Chinese’s backing?

Some people may say this is an exception at a special time. But, is it just an exception?

Learn from History: The CCP Was Indifferent to Chinese Overseas

From 1975 to 1979, the Cambodian Communist Party (Khmer Rouge) started a mass manslaughter throughout its nation. Chinese and Vietnamese were also targeted.

Many Chinese community leaders went to the Chinese embassy to seek help, but the Chinese officials scolded them, asking them to “follow up with the Cambodia revolution development.” With no option, many Chinese in Cambodia went to villages to hide. Some were killed, some were put in prison, and some managed to escape to Thailand and became the United Nations’ refugees.

The Khmer Rouge killed 2 million people, a quarter of the country’s population during its reign. The Chinese population in Cambodia was reduced from 600,000 to 300,000, with most of the missing population tortured to death. Ironically, it was the CCP who taught the Khmer Rouge the killing methods.

In Vietnam, though also a communist regime, sent its army to Cambodia to end the Khmer Rouge regime, after hearing its people were killed. Lacking a border with Cambodia, the CCP could not send its army to defend the brutal Cambodian regime. It then invaded Vietnam to take revenge for the Khmer Rouge.

Another case was the anti-Chinese riot in Indonesia in May 1998. Over two thousand Chinese were killed, several hundred Chinese women raped, and property loss was hard to measure. The mobs raped Chinese women on the street or in front of her relatives, cut Chinese men into pieces, and even cut little girls apart.

Many countries and people, especially Chinese overseas, strongly condemned the violence. However, the CCP announced that it would not “interfere with Indonesia’s internal affairs.” It also prohibited Chinese media from reporting the incident in China and prohibited Chinese students from organizing protests.

The U.S. strongly condemned the violence and helped to end the riot. It sent a ship to bring its citizens and some Chinese back to the U.S. When the ship arrived at the U.S. port, Chinese on the boat put out a banner “We’d rather Be An American Dog Than A Chinese Person.”

Learn from History: The CCP Has the Traitor Nature

Why is the CCP so cruel to its people? Looking at the CCP’s history, we can find out that from the beginning, the CCP has been acting as a traitor to the Chinese nation.

When the CCP was first established, it was the “Far East Branch” of the Third Communist International under the command of the former Soviet Union. Its goal was to “use force to defend the Soviet Union.”

During WWII, while China’s official government fought fiercely against the Japanese army, the CCP, which stayed in a northwest region of China, signed a secret treaty with the Japanese army: The Japanese army gave six counties to the CCP to manage and the CCP would not attack the Japanese army. Thus, there was almost no military clash between the CCP’s army and the Japanese army.

After the CCP took power, it has killed 80 to 100 million Chinese people and destroyed traditional Chinese culture through many political movements.

In 1989, the CCP openly fired at and used tanks to smash protesters who asked for democracy and an end to government corruption, in front of the world.

The Kosovo War started on March 24, 1999. The U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) launched airstrikes against the Yugoslavia government. Jiang Zemin, then CCP top leader, provided land-to-air missiles to help Yugoslavia to fight NATO planes. He also let three of Yugoslavia’s core intelligence units move into the basement of China’s embassy to develop a meter-wave Radar antenna.

U.S. President Clinton called Jiang Zemin and gave him an ultimatum: The U.S. would bomb it if China did not stop. Jiang didn’t stop, nor did he inform the embassy. Then the U.S. dropped a few bombs onto China’s embassy, exploding in the basement on May 8, 1999. Three Chinese reporters were killed. At least another 14 engineers were also killed but the CCP didn’t disclose it to the public.

Jiang didn’t dare to respond to the U.S. bombing. He just asked Hu Jintao, then Vice President of China who had no substantial power yet, to give a symbolic protest on television. Jiang also took the opportunity to divert domestic attention from the 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful appeal at Zhongnanhai on April 25 that year, to the Sino-US relationship. He used the U.S. bombing to incite Chinese people’s strong nationalism and hatred towards the US.

Months later, Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong, a mind-body traditional Buddhist school practice, in July 1999. Millions of practitioners have since been arrested, imprisoned, and their relatives and friends implicated. Thousands were tortured to death. And tens of thousands, if not more, were killed for their organs while still alive.

Now with the coronavirus pandemic, it was also the CCP that covered up the information and allowed the virus to spread to every corner of the world, which has sickened over six million people and killed more than 370,000 lives, as of May 31, 2020.

On April 16, 2020, an Argentine lawyer Alejandro Sanchez Kalbermatten filed a criminal complaint in the Criminal and Correctional Court 12, accusing the CCP of unleashing a “viral genocide.”

It is high time for people to see through the true killing nature of the CCP and stay away from it.


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