513. Why Some Doctors Completely Dismiss Long COVID

Why Some Doctors Completely Dismiss Long COVID

Frontline Health

Frontline Health

Dan Skorbach

Long COVID is a long-term illness that is proving to be difficult to diagnose.

Doctors may not recognize the severity of long COVID, especially if lab work comes up normal. This may lead some doctors to mistakenly conclude that the patient’s symptoms are all in their heads.

However, many experts are now actively working to understand the nature of long COVID and have developed treatments for its long-term effects.

Dr. Pierre Kory is one such prominent figure in long COVID treatment. A critical care lung doctor and educator, he was part of a team in the United States that pioneered the use of generic, off-label drugs as life-saving treatments for COVID-19. The group, called the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), also designed a treatment for long COVID back in summer of 2021. At present, Kory is treating approximately 200 long haulers, noting that long COVID presents unlike any other disease he has encountered.

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