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(1) It took the form of a serpent, then that of a red dragon
(2) The sad truth…
(3) The devil chose Marx and others as its agents…
(4) Communism in its nonviolent forms…
(5) Romantic fantasies about communism…
(6) The devil’s placement of its agents into every field and nation
(7) One righteous thought conquers one hundred evils
(8) Atheism and materialism spawned many…
(9) The situation in the West is more complex…
(10) The situation in the West is more complex…
(11) In order to topple traditional human society
(12) “Useful idiots”
(13) A massive and wicked conspiracy
(14) All dramas have a climax…
(15) Ultimately originated from the evil specter…
(16) A history of murder
(17) Exporting revolutions
(18) Exporting revolutions(2)
(19) Exporting revolutions(3)
(20) Through subversion, it has subtly infiltrated…
(21) At least four major forces driving communist subversion in the West
(22) Anti-communist heroes like McCarthy
(23) “The Three M’s” — Marx, Marcuse, and Mao Zedong
(24) “You want to organize for power!”

(25) “Long march through the institutions”
(26) Slaves of this demonic ideology
(27) Infiltrating Religion
(28) Many aspects to the destruction of the family
(29) Human emotions are fickle
(30) The free love movement in America bore important fruit—Playboy
(31) Classifying a society into the oppressor and the oppressed to advocate for struggle
(32) Feminism is now prevalent in all sections of society
(33) Pandora’s box has been thrown wide open
(34) “Adultery” used to be a negative term…
(35) Over half of young men said they supported socialism
(36) Socialism is just the “primary stage” of communism
(37) America’s future hangs in the balance
(38) Play the role of God…
(39) When certain “-isms” become political ideologies…
(40) Division and Hatred
(41) Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals
(42) The welfare state
(43) Over 70,000 tax laws…
(44) High Taxation
(45) The Culture of Poverty
(46) The Truth Behind China’s Economic Rise
(47) Consequences of the Chinese Economic Model
(48) Public Ownership: A Totalitarian Yoke
(49) Hatred and Jealousy
(50) Economic Egalitarianism
(51) Trade Unions
(51A) Prosperity and Peace Can Be Obtained Only Through Morality
(52) State Terrorism Under Communist Regimes
(53) The Communist Origins of Islamic Extremism
(54) The Leninist Vanguard of Jihad
(55) The Communist Core of Islamic Extremism
(56) bin Laden’s mentor
(57) The CCP’s Support of Terrorism
(58) The CCP’s Ties to Al-Qaeda
(59) Terrorism and the Western Radical Left
(60) Terrorism is inseparable from communism

(61) Education plays an important role…
(62) The Severe Leftist Slant of University Faculties
(63) Using New Academic Fields for Ideological Infiltration
(64) Promoting Leftist Radicalism
(65) Opposing the teaching of creationism in American public schools
(66) Dewey’s moral relativism
(67) Pornographic Sex Education
(68) Dumbing Down Students
(69) The purpose of education is the cultivation of good character
(70) The decline of human morality
(71) Subversion of Western Mass Culture
(72) Hip-Hop and Rock-and-Roll
(73) Drug Abuse
(74) Pornography
(75) Video Games
(76) The Culture of Violence
(77) Decadent Fashion
(78) Making good use of that freedom…
(79) Left-Wing Bias Among Media Professionals
(80) The Media Takeover by Liberalism and Progressivism
(81) The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition
(82) Television: Corruption in Every Household
(83) The Media: A Key Battleground in a Total War
(84) Bringing Back Responsibility in the Media
(85) Art: A Gift From the Divine
(86) “The Mozart effect”
(87) Communist Elements Behind the Avant-Garde
(88) The Inversion of Traditional Aesthetics: The Ugly as Art
(89) The Perversion of Literature
(90) he power of art is enormous
(91) Law and Faith
(92) The separation of traditional morality from justice
(93) The Johnson Amendment
(94) Prohibiting the Praise of God
(95) Promoting Obscene Content in the Name of Freedom
(96) Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage
(97) The “Sanctuary State” Act
(98) Using Foreign Laws to Weaken U.S. Sovereignty
(99) Restoring the Spirit of the Law
(100) Communism-Lite
(101) The Three Stages
(102) The Same Roots
(103)Ecological Marxism
(104)Ecological Socialism
(105)Green Politics: Green Is the New Red
(107)Greenpeace: Not a Peaceful Story
(108)Climate Change
(109)‘Consensus’ in Climate Science
(110)Establishing Dogma in the Scientific Community
(111)Why Environmentalist Scientists Push Catastrophe Scenarios
(112)Political Infiltration: Building a World Government
(113)Blaming Capitalism
(114)Media Suppression of Opposing Voices
(115)From Green Peace To Red Revolution
(116)A New Religion of Anti-Humanism
(117)Honor the Divine and Restore Tradition
(118)A Thorny Yet Extremely Important and Urgent Issue
(119)Globalization and Communism
(120)Globalization Spawns Communist-Style Economics
(121)Globalization Creates Wealth Polarization, Enabling Communist Ideology
(122)Western Capitalism Has Nourished the Chinese Communist Party
(123)The UN Has Expanded Communist Political Power
(124)Communist Ideology Has Subverted the UN’s Human Rights Ideals
(125)Globalization Promotes Communist Political Ideas
(126)World Government Leads to Totalitarianism
(127)Cultural Globalization Destroys Traditions
(129)Multinational Corporations Spread Deviant Culture
(130)The UN Spreads Distorted Values
(131)Both the East and the West are at risk of being destroyed
(132)The ideology of “Chinese characteristics” meaning communism
(133)The CCP’s Ambition to Replace the United States and Dominate the World
(134)”One Belt, One Road”
(135)The CCP’s so-called Great Periphery Diplomacy
(136)The CCP Targets Pacific Island Nations for Their Strategic Value
(137)Debt-Trapping Central Asia
(138)The CCP Uses Pivotal States to Secure Strategic Resources
(139)Creating A Split
(140)”Chinese Model” to Colonize Africa
(141)Encroaching on America’s Backyard

(142)Communist China’s Military Ambitions

(143)Unrestricted warfare – breaking all conventional rules and moral restraints
(144)Promoting Party Culture Worldwide
(145)United Front, CCP’s “Magic Treasure”
(146)Trapped by CCP:Small Gains for Huge Losses
(147)A Manufacturing Superpower Built on Theft
(148)The Thousand Talents Program
(149)Western companies have lost before the game has even begun
(150)Mass Espionage
(151)More Unstricted Warfares
(152)China Model’s True Intention
(153)Why Did the West Get China Wrong?


Chapter One: The Devil’s Strategies for Destroying Humanity
Chapter Two: Communism’s European Beginnings
Chapter Three: Mass Killing in the East
Chapter Four: Exporting Revolution
Chapter Five: Infiltrating the West (Part I)
Chapter Five: Infiltrating the West (Part II)
Chapter Six: The Revolt Against God
Chapter Seven: Destruction of the Family (Part I)
Chapter Seven: Destruction of the Family (Part II)
Chapter Eight: How Communism Sows Chaos in Politics (Part I)
Chapter Eight: How Communism Sows Chaos in Politics (Part II)
Chapter Nine: The Communist Economic Trap (Part I)
Chapter Nine: The Communist Economic Trap (Part II)
Chapter Ten: Using the Law for Evil
Chapter Eleven: Desecrating the Arts
Chapter Twelve: Sabotaging Education (Part I)
Chapter Twelve: Sabotaging Education (Part II)
Chapter Thirteen: Hijacking the Media
Chapter Fourteen: Popular Culture–A Decadent Indulgence
Chapter Fifteen: The Communist Roots of Terrorism
Chapter Sixteen:The Communism Behind Environmentalism (PartI)
Chapter Sixteen:The Communism Behind Environmentalism (Part II)
Chapter Seventeen: Globalization: Communism at Its Core
Chapter Eighteen:The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions(Part I)
Chapter Eighteen:The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions(Part II)