A667. Moderna Sets Up Shop in China Amid Fears of a 65 Million Per Week Infection Wave | China In Focus

#Moderna is setting up shop in #China as fears of another COVID-19 wave in the country rise. The vaccine maker says it has registered in China. So far, the country has only vaccinated its population with domestic vaccines. Stocks shot up at the news. This comes amid warnings from China’s top health adviser that China could see 65 million infections per week come summer.

A666. Chinese Malware Hits Guam, Aiming for Taiwan? | China In Focus

Under #attack? Critical U.S. infrastructure—infiltrated. All fingers pointing to state-sponsored Chinese #hackers. Microsoft warning the attack singled out the U.S. island territory of Guam, raising national security concerns. But was Taiwan the intended target? That’s due to Guam being the centerpiece of any U.S. military response to a Taiwan invasion. And it goes further. The U.S. and allies warn this could be happening globally.


A664. US Chipmaker Micron Banned in China | China In Focus

Are #tensions between the United States and #China still on a downward spiral? Another company is getting caught in the crossfire, restricted over so-called national security concerns—but this time, it’s American, and Beijing’s Communist Party is doing the banning. Top chip maker Micron is now no longer allowed to sell semiconductors for use in Chinese infrastructure, after the United States imposed a series of export controls on chip-making technology to China.

A663. Delve into the Untold Stories Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccines | Crossroads

Get ready to delve into the untold stories surrounding COVID-19 vaccines with the captivating new documentary, “The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told.” Hosted by the renowned Cindy Drukier, presenter of “The Nation Speaks” on NTD, this thought-provoking film sheds light on the controversial topic of vaccine injuries. In a world filled with varying opinions on the safety of COVID-19 shots, it’s crucial to explore the warnings issued by medical professionals and examine the potential health risks associated with these vaccinations. This documentary aims to present a clear and compelling narrative that invites viewers to critically evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, contrasting them against the dangers posed by the virus itself. Brace yourself for an eye-opening experience that will challenge your preconceptions and offer valuable insights into the unseen repercussions of COVID-19 vaccinations.

A661. Wuhan Virus Institute Cut From US Taxpayer Funds | China In Focus

No more taxpayer #funds for Wuhan’s infamous #lab. That seems to be the message after the National Institute of Health (NIH) quietly removed the lab from its list of foreign research facilities that qualify for support. The Wuhan Virology Institute is among the suspected sources of COVID-19. The United States has sent grants to the lab over the years, funding studies on bat coronavirus.

A659. Apple Engineer Charged Over Alleged Data Theft | China In Focus

#Apple‘s source code, and materials used in ballistic missiles. Those secrets could soon fall into #Beijing‘s hands. The Justice Department announcing criminal cases against individuals allegedly moving U.S. tech secrets to foreign adversaries, like China. Those facing charges, found living in California and hiding out in China. Will the recent slew of criminal charges stem the flow of intellectual property theft?

A658. ‘Made in USA’: Treasury Details Solar Panel Tax Credits | China In Focus

Made in China, but qualify for U.S. #taxbreaks? The Treasury Department’s guidelines on #solarpanels are raising eyebrows in some sectors. The Treasury says the panels only need to be assembled stateside to make the cut, even if the parts are made elsewhere. Investors are rallying behind the news, but critics warn it will help boost China’s dominance in the sector, rather than U.S. manufacturing.