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EXCLUSIVE: How My Nation Was Targeted by the CCP—Former Micronesian President David Panuelo

EXCLUSIVE: How My Nation Was Targeted by the CCP—Former Micronesian President David Panuelo43:19

Are COVID-19 infections making a comeback in China? A top Chinese CDC expert has something to say. 22:26

PREMIERING NOW] The Bewildering Amnesia of America’s Elite: Bradley Thayer19:07

Ohio, Massachusetts Hit by Child Pneumonia Outbreak22:36

Spike in CCP Member Deaths Amid Pneumonia Outbreak22:02

CCP Gives Secret Orders to Cover Up New Virus Outbreak | Live With Josh01:03:12

[PREMIERING NOW] How the CCP Is Exploiting the Climate Agenda to Subvert America: Steve Milloy | ATL:NOW16:25

China’s pneumonia outbreak may be making its way across borders22:37

Rep. Gallagher Speaks at ‘White Paper Movement’ First Annual Commemoration42:28

The global spotlight is returning to China. A secret directive from Beijing on pneumonia reporting brings its medical transparency into question yet again.22:39

Unexplained death cases have been reported from China. Is COVID-19 back?22:19

Network of Spies Disguised as Consular Volunteers? A special network is being run by Chinese embassies and consulates on Western soil. Here's what we know22:14

China's Hand in Gaza Tunnels28:50

How Our Leaders Failed to Leverage Xi Jinping’s Key Weakness: Bradley Thayer | ATL:NOW20:24

Pneumonia Outbreaks in China Spark COVID-19 Fears27:02

China in Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 22)21:03

More Out, Less In: Foreign Money Leaves China20:13

Arab Ministers Call for Ceasefire During Beijing Trip

‘You Have No Right to Rule Over Us’: Chinese Demonstrator to Xi Jinping Outside APEC Summit03:43

26 Dead From Fire in China Coal Company Office00:53

FTYC Leader Warns Biden Against Doing Business With CCP Regime02:47

DeSantis Decries American CEOs ‘Groveling’ to Chinese ‘Dictator’ Xi Jinping at APEC Summit01:51

Persecuted but Not Forsaken | America’s Hope (Nov. 17)45:15

‘A Major, Major Concern’: Rep. Cammack on Chinese Nationals Entering US Illegally From Southern Border02:28

Tight Security, Media Attacked at APEC21:09

U.S.–China Talks: What Does Each Side Want?

Expert: New COVID-19 Wave Could Hit China Soon00:54

CCP Made Strategic Alliance With Palestine Months Before Terror Attack22:45

Guam 'Highly Vulnerable' to Chinese Attack: Official21:43

CCP's Global Strategy of Economic Coercion: Rep. Gallagher on Cancellation of US Show in South Korean Theaters03:25

Rep. Gallagher on US-China Decoupling, Yellen’s ‘Zombie Engagement’ With China03:12

Meta Reportedly Cuts Deal to Return to China22:00

Haley, DeSantis Spar Over China in Third GOP Debate21:06

Blinken Visits Asia Amid Growing Tensions With China21:08

Teachers, Medical Workers Stage Protests in China20:20

US Could Become 'Thing of the Past': Hamas Hints at Diplomatic Efforts for Anti-US Alliance21:50

US-Based Dance Company Blocked From Performing in South Korea Due to CCP Interference20:08

Chinese Company Buys Control of US Schools23:11

1,300 Percent Spike in Illegal Chinese Immigrants Arrested20:46

Halloween Parade in Shanghai Mocks Authorities19:17

Israel's Name 'Disappears' From Top Chinese Maps21:57

Unveiling the CCP’s Cultural Censorship and Its Hidden Agenda in the Free World22:03

'A Dazzling Example': Hamas Leader Says China Could Emulate the Terrorist Group in Attack on Taiwan

Special Episode: How Communism Created Islamic Terror23:21

Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's Legacy: A Closer Look21:27

China Developing New Nuclear Powered Subs: Report19:46

[PREMIERING NOW] How the CCP ‘Killed Off Its Future’: Steven Mosher09:02

'White Lung' Phenomenon Spotted in Children in China22:09

The Chinese Communist Party Is the Real Beneficiary of the Israel–Hamas War: Gregory Copley06:54

China Stations 6 Warships in Middle East22:00

McConnell: US Faces New 'Axis of Evil'21:19

Exposing CCP Infiltration Operations in the West, From Money Laundering to Election Interference: Dean Baxendale33:58

China Has Over 500 Nuclear Warheads: Pentagon19:43

The Chinese Communist Party's Interest in the Israel–Hamas War: Casey Fleming07:48

Executive: TikTok Parent Company Has Access to User Data18:54

Declassified Images: Chinese Jets Harass US Planes

China Forum Focuses on Nature of CCP and Issues in US–China Relations06:41:24

Putin Visits Xi in Show of 'No-Limits' Partnership22:40

China vs. US Stance on Israel Self Defense22:39

Michel Juneau-Katsuya: Inside Communist China's Network of Dormant Spies57:42

Israeli Embassy Staffer Stabbed in Beijing20:35

Taiwan Sets Up Task Force to Monitor Israel War19:56

US Sailor Pleads Guilty to Spying for China21:55

Driver Crashes Into Chinese Consulate, Dies After Being Shot by San Francisco Police21:50

Hamas Attack: US–China Power Contest in Middle East21:09

Senators Urge Biden to Close Loophole in Chip Battle

Lawmakers Press Homeland Security to Address Chinese Illegal Immigrant Influx20:59

US to Take Sweeping Action Against Chinese Fentanyl21:39

World Bank Cuts China's Growth Forecast for Next Year21:05

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Influence on US–China Ties21:52

'Information Manipulation': State Department Says Beijing Spends Billions to Push Propaganda22:14

60,000 US State Department Emails Stolen by Chinese Hackers22:22

EXCLUSIVE: US Intelligence Says Chinese Military Units Are Crossing Southern Border36:49

What's Behind the Rising Tensions in the South China Sea: Antonio Graceffo07:45

Inside China’s Secret Overseas Police Stations: Safeguard Defenders' Laura Harth34:30

Rep. Mace Details Hunter Biden’s CCP Ties, Highlights ‘My Uncle’s Brother’ in Alleged Hunter Text Message05:39

Hunter Biden Received $260,000 From Beijing During Runup to 2020 Election: House Probe20:44

Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on ‘Countering China’s Malign Influence Operations‘ in the US02:01:14

Hunter Biden Received Payments Originating From China, Says Comer: Mark Tapscott on Latest Revelations05:50

Planned US Rare Earth Factory Tied to China Footprint21:39

DeSantis Suspends School Choice at Four CCP-Tied Schools19:25

My Sister's Abduction: Rushan Abbas on the CCP’s Tactics to Control and Manipulate the Uyghur Diaspora56:39

US Finalizes Rules for Chip Subsidies Aimed at China21:16

Reports on China's $700 Billion Defense Budget Miss One Key Point: Antonio Graceffo10:19

US Relaunches Undersea Spy Program to Counter China22:29

New York Chinese Organization Holds Seminar on ‘Wake up to the CCP Threat’ in Poughkeepsie, NY01:33:51

German Foreign Minister Calls China's Xi 'Dictator' Months After Biden Used the Term25:05

House Trade Subcommittee Hearing on Reforming GSP to Protect US Supply Chains and Combat China02:05:00

Rep. Gaetz Grills AG Garland in Tense Exchange Over Biden and China06:31

China Sends Record Number of Jets Near Taiwan22:37

Rep. McClain: CCP Infiltrating the American Public School System05:08

$188 Billion Pulled From Chinese Market19:07

New York Chinese Organization Holds Town Hall on ‘Countering the CCP Threat’01:10:04

China's ‘Missing’ Defense Minister Reportedly Under Investigation21:16

Full Documentary:’Dark Humor’: China’s COVID-19 Death Toll In Focus | 45:51

‘Get Americans More Angry at Each Other’ the Goal of CCP Propaganda, Disinformation Campaigns in US, Expert Says02:17

House Select Committee on CCP Discusses ‘Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda and Censorship’01:28:39

Gallagher: Should Congress Mandate That Public Companies Disclose Their Financial Exposure to China?05:12

UK Parliament Researcher Arrested as Alleged China Spy20:15

Biden, G20 Allies Unveil Rail Project to Counter China21:41

Biden Establishes High-Level Diplomatic Relations With Vietnam as China Sputters24:20

'Wage Hunting': Unpaid Workers Protest Across China22:46

iPhone Partially Banned in China, Share Price Falls23:09

'China Has Become Increasingly Intrusive'–Milton Ezrati on How China's Economic Problems Will Impact the US10:48

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