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CCP’s Global Ambitions

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions(Part I)

1. The Chinese Communist Party’s Ambition to Replace the United States and Dominate the World
a. The CCP Has Always Aimed for World Domination
b. World Domination Requires Defeating the United States
c. The CCP Has a Multi-Pronged Strategy to Subvert and Contain the United States
d. The CCP Incites Anti-US Hatred to Prepare for War With America
e. The CCP No Longer Conceals Its Intentions in the Sino-US Relationship2. Communist China’s Strategies for World Domination
a. One Belt, One Road Initiative Is Territorial Expansion Masked as Globalization
b. The CCP’s Great Periphery Strategy Aims to Exclude the US From the Asia-Pacific Region
c. Divide and Conquer in Europe Serves to Create a Split With the United States
d. The CCP Exports the ‘Chinese Model’ to Colonize Africa
e. Advancing Into Latin America Encroaches on America’s Backyard
f. Communist China Flaunts Its Military Ambitions

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Ambitions(Part II)

3. ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ With Chinese Communist Characteristics
a. The CCP Promotes Party Culture Worldwide
b. United Front Work Aims to Disintegrate the Free World From Within
c. Unrestricted Economic Warfare Is the CCP’s Heavy Weaponry
d. The CCP Uses the Masses for Espionage
e. Unrestricted Warfare Takes Many Forms
4. The ‘China Model’ and Its Destructive Impact5. Lessons Learned and the Way Out
a. The Policy of Appeasement Was a Grave Mistake
b. Why Did the West Get China Wrong?
c. What Is the Way Out?

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