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NTD News Analysis: Fourth GOP Presidential Debate

NTD News Analysis: Fourth GOP Presidential Debate56:43

[PREMIERING NOW] Matt Taibbi: New Whistleblower Docs Expose Key Tactics of the Censorship Industrial Complex | ATL:NOW00:30

Federal Judge Denies Jack Smith’s Request; Fani Willis Hit With Congressional Probe | Facts Matter10:02

Establishment News Outlets Allege Trump Could Stay in Office Indefinitely If Reelected | Live With Josh01:01:39

resident Joe Biden says he might not be running if President Trump wasn’t in the race.25:41

Four Russian men accused of torturing an American during the invasion of Ukraine have been charged with war crimes23:31

Are America’s top universities biased against Israel? 25:18

Biden’s Plan to Create Migrant Colonies on Federal Land Blocked | Live With Josh01:04:20

Town Creates Militia to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights | Facts Matter08:21

ensions are mounting in the Middle East as an American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack in the Red Sea. NTD Newsroom Full Broadcast (Dec. 4)26:54

Trump Lawyer Drops 2024 Truth Regarding Supremacy Clause | Facts Matter07:31

Data Suggest Wealthy Elites Most Responsible for Alleged Climate Change | Live With Josh01:06:00

FBI Arrests Former US Ambassador on Charges Related to Spying for Communist Cuba | Capitol Report25:29

De-Dollarisation: Why The Dollar Is King and Where The Danger Lies43:52

Braxton McCoy on Writing, Riding, and Fighting32:06

How Did FTX Con Man Sam Bankman-Fried Fool the World for So Long?37:20

Should the Pentagon Let AI Weapons Choose to Kill Humans? | Live With Josh01:03:26

Jack Smith Demands Twitter Info on All Americans Who Interacted with Trump | Facts Matter09:04

Federal Appeals Court Issues Major Trump Ruling | Facts Matter07:38

Pence’s Role in the Events of Jan. 6 Is Far More Significant Than Many Realize | Truth Over News13:05

[PREMIERING NOW] The Truth About the Hostages and the Israel-Hamas ‘Ceasefire’—Colonel Richard Kemp | ATL:NOW06:55

War and Presidential Politics in Sin City | The Presidential Roller Coaster: 202422:09

House lawmakers are investigating Chinese information warfare23:17

The House voted to oust Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) on Dec. 1 in an unprecedented move23:13

BLM’s Misguided Sympathy for Hamas: Pastor Dumisani Washington36:41

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is debating California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom tonight. 26:05

Lawmakers Renew Calls to Disclose Classified UFO Files | Capitol Report27:12

Bank Executive Blows Up Letitia James’ Argument Against Trump | Facts Matter10:26

Lawmakers Highlight Significance of White Paper Protests One Year Later as New Mystery Flu Surfaces in China | Capitol Report23:23

House GOP created a website with all Biden impeachment inquiry into23:59

Argentina's Milei Plans to Close Central Bank, Saying They’re the 'Greatest Thieves' | Live With Josh01:03:24

Major iPhone Warning Issued by Police | Facts Matter05:51

Criminals Getting Away With Murder as US Law Enforcement Struggles | Live With Josh01:05:09

Is EU Censorship Coming to America?—Here's What You Need to Know: David Thunder48:41

Hunter Biden Offers to Publicly Testify Before Congress, House Republicans Say Not So Fast | Capitol Report26:28

The Koch network’s Americans for Prosperity advocacy group endorsed Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign on Nov. 2829:06

Elon Musk Meets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu While Visiting Hamas-Ravaged Kibbutz | Capitol Report22:35

[Starts 02:57]Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their cease-fire for two more days...28:27

Could Hillary Clinton Be Democrats' New Choice for 2024?38:52

171,000 Were Killed by COVID in the US, Not 1 Million: Dr. Robert Malone | Florida Summit12:38

New Scheme From IRS: Millions of Americans Will Be Targeted | Facts Matter06:49

China's Hand in Gaza Tunnel

A Last-Minute Order From Obama Enabled Nonstop Leaking On Trump From Intelligence Community | Truth Over News14:11

Mike Rowe: The Biggest Lessons I Learned From ‘Dirty Jobs’01:01:07

NTD Newsroom Full Broadcast (Nov. 23)25:44

Marie Kawthar Daouda: Decolonization Destroys Our Culture. We Need to Celebrate the Beauty of Our Civilization | British Thought Leaders34:33

NTD Newsroom Full Broadcast (Nov. 22)26:28

JFK Assassination Doctor Breaks Silence | Facts Matter07:02

The Kennedy Assassination–60th Anniversary Special | Truth Over News14:12

Richard Lindzen: Key Points Climate Alarmists Get Wrong01:07:51

[LIVE NOW] Trump Is Repeating a Key Mistake by Praising Xi Jinping10:30

Federal Court Issues Major Ruling on Election Integrity | Live With Josh01:03:43

US Army Says Service Members May Now Return to Service After Being Involuntarily Discharged for Declining COVID Vaccine | Capitol Report25:14

Judge Hands Trump Major Victory | Facts Matter07:28

Oral Argument of Michigan Case to Keep Trump Off Ballot04:24:02

White House Says 'Focus on Experience' as President Biden Turns 81 | Capitol Report21:16

Constitutional Carry Expands to 26 States; ATF Doing Warrantless Home Visits | Facts Matter11:13

What’s The Best Way To Avoid An Economic Downturn? Do Nothing.34:46

NY Will Now Monitor Social Media for ‘Hate Speech’ | Live With Josh01:01:20

Poll: Trump Leads GOP in Iowa, Tops Biden in New Hampshire for Potential General Matchup | Capitol Report21:38

New Congressional Subpoenas Reveals Mystery Man Behind Hunter Biden Financial Transactions | Truth Over News13:29

Obama-Era Control Over the Internet Makes Its Return With Net Neutrality | Live With Josh01:06:42

Video Footage Shows Alleged Cash-For-Votes Scheme in Broad Daylight | Facts Matter08:53

The CCP's United Front Against American Performing Arts Company | Special Feature43:37

Biden: ‘We’re De-risking and Diversifying’ Economic Ties With China, ‘Not Decoupling’01:58

Embattled Rep. George Santos Won’t Seek Reelection Amid Newly Released Ethics Report | Capitol Report25:46

Tight Security, Media Attacked at APEC00:56

How the Hezbollah Plot in Brazil Is a Harbinger for America: Todd Bensman | ATL:NOW23:33

The Real Reason the Military Has Trouble Recruiting Patriots | Live With Josh01:02:30

Ballot Fraud Scheme Uncovered: 29 Felony Counts | Facts Matter08:39

Biden Meets With CCP Officials Amid Strained Relationship With World’s Largest Communist Nation22:23

Biden Holds Press Conference at APEC36:32

Ben Habib: ‘Multiculturalism Has Failed. We Urgently Need to Dramatically Reduce Immigration’ | British Thought Leaders

Why Are So Many Students Supporting Hamas Terrorism? | Tabia Lee42:41

Tens of Thousands Descend on Washington for Pro-Israel Rally | Capitol Report22:00

San Francisco Suddenly Ends Crime and Homelessness Ahead of Xi Jinping Visit | Live With Josh01:01:39

IRS Alerts Americans to Major Change: Actual Good News | Facts Matter

Secret Service Agent Protecting President’s Granddaughter Opens Fire at Car Thieves in Georgetown | Capitol Report26:48

Why Leaving Los Angeles Was the Best Decision of My Life: Roger Simon32:12

Countering the Red-Green Alliance: Can the Global Tide of Communism Be Turned?46:52

Why the Newest Form of Government Censorship Is Difficult to Stop: Kevin Stocklin05:24

Leftist Terrorism On the Rise As Government Propaganda Feeds Radicalism24:30

Sen. Ted Cruz: Why Cultural Marxists Are Celebrating Hamas | ATL:NOW16:33

DOJ Targeted Senior Congressional Staffers Who Were Assisting With Congressional Oversight of the DOJ | Truth Over News16:36

Bipartisan Effort Underway in Senate to Curb Illegal Immigration at Southern Border | Capitol Report24:50

Sen. Manchin Says He Won’t Seek Reelection in 2024, Opening Door for GOP to Pick Up Senate Seat | Capitol Report23:20

Politicians, Military Officers Involved in Busted 'High-End' Brothel Network27:27

Abortion Politics, Centrism, and Fundraising Shortages: Lawrence Wilson on Major Election Takeaways11:21

Hamas Terrorists Could Cross US Border, CBP Memo Warns: Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott07:41

Why the WHO's New Plan Should Worry Everyone: Dr. Meryl Nass | ATL:NOW15:57

Climategate: Released Emails Show Blatant Censorship in Climate Journals | Facts Matter27:56

NTD News Analysis: Third GOP Presidential Debate58:58

Red Dragon Menacing – CCP Exposed(Blog)

EXCLUSIVE: How My Nation Was Targeted by the CCP—Former Micronesian President David Panuelo

EXCLUSIVE: How My Nation Was Targeted by the CCP—Former Micronesian President David Panuelo43:19

Are COVID-19 infections making a comeback in China? A top Chinese CDC expert has something to say. 22:26

PREMIERING NOW] The Bewildering Amnesia of America’s Elite: Bradley Thayer19:07

Ohio, Massachusetts Hit by Child Pneumonia Outbreak22:36

Spike in CCP Member Deaths Amid Pneumonia Outbreak22:02

CCP Gives Secret Orders to Cover Up New Virus Outbreak | Live With Josh01:03:12

[PREMIERING NOW] How the CCP Is Exploiting the Climate Agenda to Subvert America: Steve Milloy | ATL:NOW16:25

China’s pneumonia outbreak may be making its way across borders22:37

Rep. Gallagher Speaks at ‘White Paper Movement’ First Annual Commemoration42:28

The global spotlight is returning to China. A secret directive from Beijing on pneumonia reporting brings its medical transparency into question yet again.22:39

Unexplained death cases have been reported from China. Is COVID-19 back?22:19

Network of Spies Disguised as Consular Volunteers? A special network is being run by Chinese embassies and consulates on Western soil. Here's what we know22:14

China's Hand in Gaza Tunnels28:50

How Our Leaders Failed to Leverage Xi Jinping’s Key Weakness: Bradley Thayer | ATL:NOW20:24

Pneumonia Outbreaks in China Spark COVID-19 Fears27:02

China in Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 22)21:03

More Out, Less In: Foreign Money Leaves China20:13

Arab Ministers Call for Ceasefire During Beijing Trip

‘You Have No Right to Rule Over Us’: Chinese Demonstrator to Xi Jinping Outside APEC Summit03:43

26 Dead From Fire in China Coal Company Office00:53

FTYC Leader Warns Biden Against Doing Business With CCP Regime02:47

DeSantis Decries American CEOs ‘Groveling’ to Chinese ‘Dictator’ Xi Jinping at APEC Summit01:51

Persecuted but Not Forsaken | America’s Hope (Nov. 17)45:15

‘A Major, Major Concern’: Rep. Cammack on Chinese Nationals Entering US Illegally From Southern Border02:28

Tight Security, Media Attacked at APEC21:09

U.S.–China Talks: What Does Each Side Want?

Expert: New COVID-19 Wave Could Hit China Soon00:54

CCP Made Strategic Alliance With Palestine Months Before Terror Attack22:45

Guam 'Highly Vulnerable' to Chinese Attack: Official21:43

CCP's Global Strategy of Economic Coercion: Rep. Gallagher on Cancellation of US Show in South Korean Theaters03:25

Rep. Gallagher on US-China Decoupling, Yellen’s ‘Zombie Engagement’ With China03:12

Meta Reportedly Cuts Deal to Return to China22:00

Haley, DeSantis Spar Over China in Third GOP Debate21:06

Blinken Visits Asia Amid Growing Tensions With China21:08

Teachers, Medical Workers Stage Protests in China20:20

US Could Become 'Thing of the Past': Hamas Hints at Diplomatic Efforts for Anti-US Alliance21:50

US-Based Dance Company Blocked From Performing in South Korea Due to CCP Interference20:08

Chinese Company Buys Control of US Schools23:11

1,300 Percent Spike in Illegal Chinese Immigrants Arrested20:46

Halloween Parade in Shanghai Mocks Authorities19:17

Israel's Name 'Disappears' From Top Chinese Maps21:57

Unveiling the CCP’s Cultural Censorship and Its Hidden Agenda in the Free World22:03

'A Dazzling Example': Hamas Leader Says China Could Emulate the Terrorist Group in Attack on Taiwan

Special Episode: How Communism Created Islamic Terror23:21

Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's Legacy: A Closer Look21:27

China Developing New Nuclear Powered Subs: Report19:46

[PREMIERING NOW] How the CCP ‘Killed Off Its Future’: Steven Mosher09:02

'White Lung' Phenomenon Spotted in Children in China22:09

The Chinese Communist Party Is the Real Beneficiary of the Israel–Hamas War: Gregory Copley06:54

China Stations 6 Warships in Middle East22:00

McConnell: US Faces New 'Axis of Evil'21:19

Exposing CCP Infiltration Operations in the West, From Money Laundering to Election Interference: Dean Baxendale33:58

China Has Over 500 Nuclear Warheads: Pentagon19:43

The Chinese Communist Party's Interest in the Israel–Hamas War: Casey Fleming07:48

Executive: TikTok Parent Company Has Access to User Data18:54

Declassified Images: Chinese Jets Harass US Planes

China Forum Focuses on Nature of CCP and Issues in US–China Relations06:41:24

Putin Visits Xi in Show of 'No-Limits' Partnership22:40

China vs. US Stance on Israel Self Defense22:39

Michel Juneau-Katsuya: Inside Communist China's Network of Dormant Spies57:42

Israeli Embassy Staffer Stabbed in Beijing20:35

Taiwan Sets Up Task Force to Monitor Israel War19:56

US Sailor Pleads Guilty to Spying for China21:55

Driver Crashes Into Chinese Consulate, Dies After Being Shot by San Francisco Police21:50

Hamas Attack: US–China Power Contest in Middle East21:09

Senators Urge Biden to Close Loophole in Chip Battle

Lawmakers Press Homeland Security to Address Chinese Illegal Immigrant Influx20:59

US to Take Sweeping Action Against Chinese Fentanyl21:39

World Bank Cuts China's Growth Forecast for Next Year21:05

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Influence on US–China Ties21:52

'Information Manipulation': State Department Says Beijing Spends Billions to Push Propaganda22:14

60,000 US State Department Emails Stolen by Chinese Hackers22:22

EXCLUSIVE: US Intelligence Says Chinese Military Units Are Crossing Southern Border36:49

What's Behind the Rising Tensions in the South China Sea: Antonio Graceffo07:45

Inside China’s Secret Overseas Police Stations: Safeguard Defenders' Laura Harth34:30

Rep. Mace Details Hunter Biden’s CCP Ties, Highlights ‘My Uncle’s Brother’ in Alleged Hunter Text Message05:39

Hunter Biden Received $260,000 From Beijing During Runup to 2020 Election: House Probe20:44

Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on ‘Countering China’s Malign Influence Operations‘ in the US02:01:14

Hunter Biden Received Payments Originating From China, Says Comer: Mark Tapscott on Latest Revelations05:50

Planned US Rare Earth Factory Tied to China Footprint21:39

DeSantis Suspends School Choice at Four CCP-Tied Schools19:25

My Sister's Abduction: Rushan Abbas on the CCP’s Tactics to Control and Manipulate the Uyghur Diaspora56:39

US Finalizes Rules for Chip Subsidies Aimed at China21:16

Reports on China's $700 Billion Defense Budget Miss One Key Point: Antonio Graceffo10:19

US Relaunches Undersea Spy Program to Counter China22:29

New York Chinese Organization Holds Seminar on ‘Wake up to the CCP Threat’ in Poughkeepsie, NY01:33:51

German Foreign Minister Calls China's Xi 'Dictator' Months After Biden Used the Term25:05

House Trade Subcommittee Hearing on Reforming GSP to Protect US Supply Chains and Combat China02:05:00

Rep. Gaetz Grills AG Garland in Tense Exchange Over Biden and China06:31

China Sends Record Number of Jets Near Taiwan22:37

Rep. McClain: CCP Infiltrating the American Public School System05:08

$188 Billion Pulled From Chinese Market19:07

New York Chinese Organization Holds Town Hall on ‘Countering the CCP Threat’01:10:04

China's ‘Missing’ Defense Minister Reportedly Under Investigation21:16

Full Documentary:’Dark Humor’: China’s COVID-19 Death Toll In Focus | 45:51

‘Get Americans More Angry at Each Other’ the Goal of CCP Propaganda, Disinformation Campaigns in US, Expert Says02:17

House Select Committee on CCP Discusses ‘Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda and Censorship’01:28:39

Gallagher: Should Congress Mandate That Public Companies Disclose Their Financial Exposure to China?05:12

UK Parliament Researcher Arrested as Alleged China Spy20:15

Biden, G20 Allies Unveil Rail Project to Counter China21:41

Biden Establishes High-Level Diplomatic Relations With Vietnam as China Sputters24:20

'Wage Hunting': Unpaid Workers Protest Across China22:46

iPhone Partially Banned in China, Share Price Falls23:09

'China Has Become Increasingly Intrusive'–Milton Ezrati on How China's Economic Problems Will Impact the US10:48

Pandemic Quotables(Blog)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer Over COVID Vaccines–But How Will He Overcome Immunity? | Truth Over News

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer Over COVID Vaccines–But How Will He Overcome Immunity? | Truth Over News14:01

How This Mayor Beat COVID, Set an Example for Rest of US | Florida Summit11:43

How I Would Reform the FDA: Dr. Robert Malone30:30

Texas Drops Legal Bombshell on Pfizer | Facts Matter11:05

How Big Pharma Used the Tobacco Industry Playbook: Dr. Pierre Kory | Florida Summit21:24

We Knew mRNA Vaccines Could Get Into Brain and Ovaries Since 2012: Dr. Richard Urso | Florida Summit14:03

Here’s What Happened in the Trump White House When COVID Hit: Dr. Steven Hatfill | Florida Summit19:34

Vanishing Act: The Mystery of Fauci's China Representative | Truth Over News14:20

New Ruling Allows for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governor’s Whim | Facts Matter

Pfizer Failed to Disclose Risk to Babies in RSV Vaccine Trial: Investigation | Facts Matter09:28

New Virus Outbreak in China Sees Children Hospitalized With ‘White Lung’ | Live With Josh01:03:32

Pneumonia Outbreaks in China Spark COVID-19 Fears 21:03

CDC Keeping a Second, Hidden vaccine side effect database | Facts Matter14:43

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna on How to Curb CDC Power | ATL:NOW

How Big Pharma Captured Public Health: Toby Rogers14:03

Bad News for the Double Vaccinated: Risk of Stroke | Facts Matter08:11

Dr. Robert Malone Confirms Possibility of Having Genetic Markers After Taking mRNA Vaccines06:11

Replay: House Select Committee on the CCP Unveils Bio Lab Investigation Report01:10:17

New FOIA Document Reveals CDC Did Not Have Data Prior to Vaccine Recommendation for the Naturally Immune | Truth Over News14:08

US Supreme Court Makes Vaccine Move | Facts Matter08:19

HHS and NIH More Secretive Than CIA on COVID Origin Documents: Sen. Rand Paul17:09

2023 Florida Summit on COVID: ‘Food, Family & Medical Freedom!’08:11:14

Neurological Side-Effects in 1/3 of Vaccinated People: Study | Facts Matter09:37

Flatline: America's Hospital Crisis | NEW Documentary01:43:49

America Faces Very Real Health Care Crisis as Hospitals Shut Down: Steve Gruber06:06

Over 600 Hospitals on the Verge of Collapse: COVID Mandates, Fed Arm Twists, Brain Drain | Facts Matter20:21

DNA Contamination in Vaccines: A Potential Cancer Risk? | Dr. Jessica Rose54:30

Pre-COVID Documents Show That Fauci Lab Experimented On Wuhan Virus as Fauci Pushed for mRNA Vaccine | Truth Over News13:54

LIVE NOW: Brownstone Holds Conference & Gala on Rebuilding Freedom11:38:28

Secret Database: CDC Is Hiding Children's Vaccine Data, Expert Says31:55

Germany’s Top COVID Adviser Helped Promote Fauci’s Fake Natural Origin Narrative–Now We Know Why | Truth Over News14:12

Vaccine Study Drops Bad News on Children Under 5 Years Old | Facts Matter07:55

The Truth About COVID Hospital Protocols: Stella Paul48:18

Study Hits Newly Vaccinated With Bad News | Facts Matter10:16

14,615 Reports of Mental Disorders Overwhelm Vaccine Injury Historic Data06:17

‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID-19 Vaccines, Scientists Estimate05:11

Your Next Salad Could Vaccinate You24:42

Will Anyone Trust the Shots Again?—How the CDC Hid a Warning18:49

Dr. David Bell: Public Health Is Moving Toward ‘International Fascism’34:09

Elon Musk Drops Vaccine Bombshell Personal Story | Facts Matter16:16

CDC Issues Warning to Millions of Americans | Facts Matter14:24

Breastfeeding Mothers Pass mRNA From COVID Shots Onto Their Infants24:19

California Bill Punishing Doctors for Spreading COVID 'Misinformation' Quietly Repealed: Laura Powell06:42

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Captured Federal Health Agencies: Leslie Manookian28:14

CDC Makes Disturbing Vaccine Move | Facts Matter12:42

A Strange COVID-19 Symptom–How to Diagnose and Treat It04:46

Study: COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Rare 'White Dot Syndrome'03:45

Whistleblower Claims the CIA Shaped False-Origin Narrative on COVID | Truth Over News15:43

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo: CDC’s Promotion of New Boosters 'Ludicrous' | ATL:NOW25:39

HHS Secretary Visits DC Pharmacy to Receive Updated COVID-19 Vaccine42:01

CIA Accused of Bribing Own COVID-19 Origin Researchers: Hans Mahncke06:12

Study Found Unsettling Results in Children Vaccinated Against COVID-1906:08

Angela Wulbrecht: A Nurse’s Journey Through Vaccine Injury to Becoming a Voice for the Injured42:41

Full Documentary:’Dark Humor’- China’s COVID-19 Death Toll In Focus | 24:24

The Agenda to Fuse Our Digital and Biological Identities Is 'Absolutely Terrifying': Alex Newman07:24

Exclusive: New Fauci Email Reveals EcoHealth Admissions About Wuhan Lab | Truth Over News15:50

Teachers' Win Over COVID Vaccine Mandates On Hold as NYC Education Department Appeals Ruling: Michael Kane03:59

Whistleblower Claims CIA Attempted to Cover Up Wuhan Lab Leak Theory20:09

Dr. Robert Malone on the 'Negative Effectiveness' of New COVID Booster, and How the FDA Has 'Gone Rogue'25:42

Megyn Kelly Drops Vaccine Bombshell: Reveals Possible Injury, Regrets Getting Shot | Facts Matter10:13

Dr. Robert Malone: Hidden Breakthrough Infections Data, New Variants, and the COVID Social Experiment | ATL:NOW36:26

Entire City Rebels, Outlaws Mask and Vaccine Mandates | Facts Matter07:18

Mask Mandates Return; CNN Turns on Dr. Fauci’s Mask Agenda | Facts Matter10:19

The Mockery of Freedom and the Path to Totalitarianism: Gabrielle Bauer42:59

The Truth About Mask Efficacy–An Analysis of the Studies | Truth Over News14:11

COVID-19 the 'Biggest Public Health Fiasco in Modern History'–And It's Not Over: Dr. Scott Atlas12:36

Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg: 10 Types of Misinformation in Peer-Reviewed COVID-19 Paper Decrying Misinformation | ATL:NOW20:21

Researchers Create Aerosolized mRNA Covid Vaccine|Facts Matter09:33

CDC Finally Responds to Masks|Facts Matter09:11

Shocking Study: Are Your Masks Secretly Poisoning You?02:53

Dr. David Bell: The 100-Day Vaccine Profit Model and New 'Disease X' Pandemic Preparedness Plans | ATL:NOW23:45

Kevin McKernan Talks COVID Vaccine DNA Contamination, the Monkey Virus SV40 Promoter, and What’s Actually in the Vaccines44:39

Biden to Fund New COVID Vaccine 'For Everybody,' 'Whether They've Gotten It Before or Not' | Facts Matter08:03

Biden Admin Admits Vaccine Error: No Evidence Behind Recommendations|Facts Matter07:25

Suing the Mandators: Dr. Mary Bowden on Fighting for Medical Freedom in Texas | ATL:NOW19:44

Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Return; $1B Invested for New Vaccines - Facts Matter10:30

Push for New Vaccines, Mask Mandates- Conservatives Call for Civil Disobedience - 46:38

YouTube's New Policy- Censor Americans Who Disagree With World Health Organization 09:45

Concerns Grow That ‘Eris’ COVID Variant Could Trigger New Restrictions01:09:32

mRNA Vaccines Have Biblical Disease as Adverse Event|Facts Matter

Mosquitos Modified to Spread Vaccines51:23

Vaccinated Outbreak at CDC Bigger Than Reported | Facts Matter08:55

FDA Drops Ivermectin Truth (that We Knew All Along) | Facts Matter10:09

Fauci Allegedly Lied to Congress About Gain-of-Function Research, Says Sen. Paul—Hans Mahncke on the Significance13:17

Unvaccinated Should Check This Out–It’s Highly Unexpected | Facts Matter10:20

Del Bigtree: The Vaccine Placebos Lie, the COVID ‘Cash Cow,’ and Taking Regulatory Agencies to Court50:25

New Email Reveals What Fauci Knew About Wuhan Lab Gain-of-Function Experiments | Truth Over News

Dr. Renata Moon on Losing Her Job After Expressing Concerns About the COVID-19 Genetic Vaccines | ATL:NOW25:02

1 in 35 Recipients of mRNA Boosters Got Heart Damage: Shocking Study | Facts Matter11:08

After Years of Lies, the Latest Lie Is That the ‘Proximal Origin’ Paper Was Just an Opinion Piece | Truth Over News14:41

New COVID Vaccine Bombshell Emerges | Facts Matter12:24

roject NextGen Rushes New COVID Vaccines; Fake Abortion Story Shows Establishment Strategy on Lies | Live With Josh01:15:16

Hidden Messages in GOP Report Reveal What Fauci Group Really Thought About Covid Origin | Truth Over News16:23

NYT Admits a Third of ‘Official’ COVID Deaths Were Questionable | Live With Josh01:06:06

Shocking Truth About Childhood Vaccines: Del Bigtree | Facts Matter47:37

Rep. Comer Confronts Scientist Who Dismissed Lab-Leak Theory With His Own Messages05:55

Coronavirus Subcommittee Holds Hearing to Investigate the ‘Proximal Origin of a Cover Up’03:29:38

What Post-Vaccination Autopsies Show: Dr. Peter McCullough on New Analysis, Removed by Lancet | ATL:NOW17:32

28-Year-Old Pro Basketball Player Dies of Heart Attack | Facts Matter11:53


Princes of the Yen | Documentary

Princes of the Yen | Documentary01:32:40

Finding Courage | Documentary01:20:53

UFO Government Files Declassified43:03

The Fall of Deceit01:07:48

The Final Days of the Nazis43:40

Princess Diana: Unexpected Icon48:14

Burma: Forgotten Allies46:13

Flatline: America's Hospital Crisis | NEW Documentary01:43:49

Operation Jaywick: Sinking Japan | Documentary40:51

Police State01:48:58

Soldier's Stories27:52

The Tigers of Scotland55:34

The Allure of Antigua: Gem of the Caribbean01:38:27

Organ Stops: Saving the King of Instruments01:08:44

Trans Wreck | Documentary01:19:38

Leaders for Life | Documentary01:27:01

Coronavirus Impact20:59

Lots & Lots of Really Big Trains–Giants on the Rails01:14:43

No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs? | Documentary53:40

Street Soccer: New York59:07

Snowy Mountains01:00:03

Her War, Her Story: World War II55:10

The Battle of Britain47:21

Gautama Buddha51:08

Save My Seoul01:01:38

I Will Rise: A Powerful Story of Redemption54:37

Manufacturing Death: Birth of the Atomic Bomb45:00

Tulare: The Phantom Lake01:05:10

California Skies52:23

Legends Unfolding: On the Thirteenth of May24:35

Malaysia: The Future Between Two Worlds25:10

A Day in Vietnam27:30

What Really Happened to JFK Jr. - Documentary35:14

Yoshi’s Big Swim: One Turtle’s Epic Journey Home12:48

EXCLUSIVE: The Jan. 6 Tapes—The Unreleased Capitol Hill Security Footage01:03:19

The Stray Story: A Dogumentary01:34:19

Wu De | Martial Virtues32:23

Gotaways: The Hidden Border Crisis | Documentary01:04:22

Pacific Northwest: Washington State and British Columbia25:07

Special Report—The Persecution of the Century41:51

Uneven Ground: The Melissa Witt Story47:46

Sunsets Over the Spanish Islands51:05

Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities | Documentary01:25:05

It Runs on Water50:19

The Din of Ants25:13

GasHole | Documentary Epoch Cinema01:41:12

From B-17 to Avrocar Epoch Cinema27:00

Memorial Cup Memories | Documentary01:13:22

The Bowery Boys: Legends of Laughter | Documentary01:23:21

Selfless | Documentary01:30:53

Madagascar’s Weirdest: Forests of Wonders44:10

Special Report—Trump on Trial: America at a Crossroads39:03

Wild Workers: Prime Movers52:00

Leaving California: The Untold Story | Documentary01:10:27

April 25th, 1999

Red Shadow over the Free World(Part 2)31:30

Red Shadow over the Free World(Part 1)27:11

Altered Humans—How Biotech Is Changing Who We Are | Documentary01:10:23

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead | Documentary01:37:15

Overfed and Undernourished | Documentary01:35:43

Defiance in the Kingdom of Fake News09:57

Global Panic | Documentary01:53:50

Boracay: The Suspended Island | Documentary50:42

The Freedom Satellite27:47

The Santa Anas: The Fiery Breath of California51:07

Surrounded by Sharks: Close-Up of the Prehistoric Hunters51:07

Afterlife | Documentary57:34

A Ticking Time Bomb: The Lethal Legacy of Wrecks From World War II52:12

The Reliable Horses of Genghis Khan52:19

Deadly Game: Seconds From Disaster48:00

Brazil: A Last Stand in the Americas | Documentary01:06:00

Shark Cinema Science | Documentary52:03

Quiet Explosions | Documentary01:39:38

The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary01:42:17

Your Health: A Sacred Matter | Documentary01:56:30

SMART: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team | Documentary01:13:05

Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake | Documentary01:04:27

How America Became So Communist | Documentary29:46

Systematic Deception | Documentary01:21:40

Irreligious Nation | Documentary01:02:43

Tomcat: Top Gun 2 Resurrecting the F-14 | Documentary30:24

Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis40:24

In the Name of Confucius | Documentary52:19

Johnny Strange: Born to Fly | Documentary01:12:56

A Postcard From Pyongyang | Documentary01:19:43

End Game - Documentary57:39

COVID Revealed - Documentary58:31

Tremble and Obey - Documentary

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War - Chapter 6- Defending America14:01

Chapter 5- What Price Will We Pay-24:28

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War - Chapter 4- Deceiving the Sky24:26

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War - Chapter 3- CCP’s Secret Agenda to Defeat America49:39

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War - Chapter 2- Stealth World War III16:25

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY—The Final War | Chapter 1: Post-Pandemic War21:49

Episode 5: Destroying the Soul11:15

Episode 4: Rise of Global Tyranny13:04

Episode 3: The Burning of Paris08:58

Episode 2: The Reign of Terror09:22

The Dark Origins of Communism - Episode 1: War on the Human Spirit10:42

Conscience | Persecution in China

The Shadow State | Documentary01:21:58

Medical Genocide: Hidden Mass Murder in China’s Organ Transplant Industry | Documentary

Documentary|The Final War: The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America02:36:03

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion | Documentary55:23

Under the Skin | Documentary01:34:59

Documentary | Xi Jinping’s Plan of Dominating the World Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Headwind—The Round Table Discussion52:13

Headwind —The Debate: Dr. Robert Malone vs. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche01:09:20

Documentary | Will Zero-Covid Become Xi Jinping’s Waterloo?

Headwind—Dr. Robert W. Malone01:18:07

Documentary: The American Dream Takes On China Inc. Part 2: The Clean Network

Documentary: The American Dream Takes on China Inc.Part 1: 5g Trifecta

The Coverup of the Century II

The Coverup of the Century

TV Series

Hope Lives | America’s Hope (Dec. 6)

Hope Lives | America’s Hope (Dec. 6)46:46

The Great Divide Over Faith and Politics | America’s Hope (Dec. 4)45:56

Equipping The Persecuted | America’s Hope (Dec. 1)46:48

xposing the Threat From Hamas | America’s Hope (Nov. 29)46:43

Journey To Hope | America’s Hope 45:43

Finding Hope in Troubled Times | America’s Hope (Nov. 15)47:04

The Long March to Freedom Ep. 346:29

The Long March to Freedom Ep. 247:39

The Long March to Freedom Ep. 147:34

Iran Targeting Israel and USA | America’s Hope (Oct. 30)45:41

Israel in Focus | America’s Hope (Oct. 23)46:35

Crisis in Israel | America’s Hope (Oct. 20)47:26

Crisis in Israel | America’s Hope (Oct. 18)46:53

Israel at War | America’s Hope (Oct. 16)47:03

Tertullian | Lost Legacy Reclaimed S. 1 Ep. 431:47

Perpetua | Lost Legacy Reclaimed S. 1 Ep. 334:14

Victor | Lost Legacy Reclaimed S. 1 Ep. 233:59

The Scillitan Martyrs | Lost Legacy Reclaimed S. 1 Ep. 130:19

New Zealand by Train | South | S.1, Ep.246:08

New Zealand by Train | North | S.1, Ep.145:26

Taste of Greenland in the Winter | Fearless Foodies Ep. 222:30

Taste of Greenland in the Summer | Fearless Foodies Ep. 122:30

Journey to the Mecca of Vespa: Museo Piaggio|Bridge To Italy Ep.521:51

Rally on the Mediterranean Sea Coast | Bridge To Italy Ep. 420:34

Tuscany and the Renaissance | Bridge to Italy Ep.324:05

The Adventure and The Dragon | Bridge To Italy Ep. 223:29

A Taste of La Dolce Vita | Bridge To Italy S. 1 Ep.123:14

A Surprise Finish | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep.621:35

Getting Dirty | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep. 522:12

Something New | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep.420:24

Getting Wet | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep. 320:31

Becoming Tarzan | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep. 220:11

Getting Started | Getting Dirty in Japan S.1 Ep. 120:00

How the West Was Made, With Elliott West | Sons of History01:09:47

The Barbecue | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 1409:06

The Challenge | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 1308:08

Daddy Day Care | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 1208:19

Summer Break | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 1106:56

Honesties | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 738:22

The Unexpected | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 643:02

Going the Distance | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 535:10

Where the River Leads | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 432:12

Good Pirates | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 1006:58

Mud Fight | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 906:40

Embrace the Rain | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 340:44

Willing to Listen | The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 234:27

The Champ | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 807:11

Just Rewards | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 707:10

Home Alone | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 607:11


Balloons | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 407:25

The Plunge/The Listening Road S.1 Ep. 1 | 32:31

Time for a Picnic | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 306:36

Bright Sparks | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 205:49

Russell’s Birthday | Russell the Red Panda Ep. 105:59

The Life, Death, and Times of James A. Garfield, With C. W. Goodyear | Sons of History, Ep. 1101:08:17

The Past, Present, and Future of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict | Sons of History, Ep. 1001:12:33

What Would the Sons of Liberty Do? | Sons of History, Ep. 901:31:56

The Destruction of an American Army, With Alan D. Gaff | Sons of History, Ep. 853:58

Who Are the Texas Rangers? With Jody Edward Ginn | Sons of History, Ep. 601:17:45

Did Woodrow Wilson Go Insane After the Great War? With Patrick Weil | Sons of History, Ep. 501:12:47

The Man Who Created America’s Cold War Policy, With Frank Costigliola | Sons of History, Ep. 401:12:47

Is America Conducting a National Suicide? | Sons of History, Ep. 358:59

The Barbary Pirates and an Unsung American Hero, with Des Ekin| Sons of History, Ep.2. 01:13:05

Is Our Government the One Our Founding Fathers Feared? | Sons of History, Ep. 101:16:50

Paul Perry: Not Enough on Spirituality in the Media | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life38:38

Salvador Onto the Trans-Amazonian Highway | Tough Rides Season 3 Ep226:01

The Season Finale: ‘Life Review’ | Mysteries of Life (S1, E12)25:45

Rio de Janeiro to Salvador | Tough Rides Season 3 Ep126:02

Madurai to Kolkata | Tough Rides Season 2 Ep524:59

The Podcast That Delivers Messages From the Afterlife | Mysteries of Life (S1, E11)25:39

Woman Learns Why She Had ‘A Miserable Life’ During Near-Death Experience | Mysteries of Life (S1, E10)24:51

A Baseball Legend Reborn? The Curious Case of Christian Haupt | Mysteries of Life (S1, E9)25:10

Dr. Jeffrey Long: NDE Evidence Points to Existence of the Soul | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life34:00

Miracles, the Holy Family Trail, and the Afterlife: A Filmmaker’s Journey | Mysteries of Life (S1, E8)25:35

Dying Patient Enters Heavenly Realm, Chooses to Return to Sick Body | Mysteries of Life (S1, E7)25:49

Robert Bare Died for About 45 Minutes, Had Intense Near-Death Life Review | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life44:09

Materialist Doctor Does 180 After Seeing Heaven During NDE | Mysteries of Life (S1, E6)24:28

Jeffery Olsen on His Near-Death Experience: ‘I was home’ | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life44:40

Are Near-Death Experiences Just Hallucinations? What a Leading Researcher Has Found | Mysteries of Life (S1, E5)24:55

Dr. Yvonne Kason: The Worldwide Spiritual Awakening and STE Research | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life41:53

Pastor John Burke: NDEs and How They Convince Skeptics of the Afterlife | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life42:52

The Power of Near-Death Life Reviews | Mysteries of Life (S1,E4)25:03

Carol Bowman on Past Life Therapy | Full Interview | Mysteries of Life49:55

How Near-Death Experiences Become Spiritual Awakenings(S1.E3)23:31

A Good Cop [Episode 10: Into the Hornet’s Nest] Finale43:32

A Good Cop [Episode 9: Police Hearing]48:00

A Good Cop [Episode 8: Fake News]47:09

A Good Cop [Episode 7: Split-Second Decision]48:41

NDEs Reflect Biblical Accounts of Heaven: Pastor | Mysteries of Life (S1,E2)25:42

Could Our Fears, Trauma, and Illness Come From Past Lives? | Mysteries of Life (S1, E1)24:25

A Good Cop [Episode 6: Dead on Arrival]49:14

A Good Cop [Episode 5: Down the Rabbit Hole]47:12

A Good Cop [Episode 4: First Collar]45:54

A Good Cop [Episode 3: The Graduate]48:36

A Good Cop [Episode 2: The I.A.B.]47:29

A Good Cop Episode 147:01

Perfect Pillows, Gas Tesla & Teeny Tiny Homes | A Little Sketchy23:34

China Warning, NRA Meeting & Gardening with Kanye | A Little Sketchy25:19

Ghosting, Moon Interview & Cribbage Clinic | A Little Sketchy23:16

Film Noir, Return of Neville & A Faulty Lamp | A Little Sketchy25:54

The most dangerous place on earth, The Oscars & Plastic Surgery | A Little Sketchy23:16

Southern India | Tough Rides Season 2 Ep424:59

Rajasthan to Mumbai | Tough Rides Season 2 Ep325:00

Dating Game, Russian Oligarch & The Plant Homocide | A Little Sketchy23:13

Neville Livingston, Vladimir Putin, Karen’s & St. Patrick’s Day | A Little Sketchy23:59

Russia, Ukraine, & Space Jam 2 | A Little Sketchy20:53

Breast Milk, McDonald’s, & Garbage | A Little Sketchy22:16

3-Headed Hydra, NSA, & Cringe | A Little Sketchy23:58

Jubilee Celebrations, Valentines Day, & Selling to China | A Little Sketchy22:06

Freedom Convoy, Ukraine, & Winter Olympics | A Little Sketchy TV19:20

Pakistan Border to the Great Indian Desert | Tough Rides Season 2 Ep225:00

Divine Messengers | The Viking Prophecy of Salvation (Episode 6)25:01

Divine Messengers | William Bouguereau: A Defender of God-Given Art (Episode 5)26:03

Delhi to the Himalayan Foothills | Tough Rides Season 2 Ep125:00

Shangri-La to Shanghai | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep626:01

Mount Everest and Lhasa | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep526:01

Towards Tibet | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep426:01

China’s Wild West | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep326:01

Inner Mongolia to Xinjiang Province | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep226:01

Shanghai to the Korean Border | Tough Rides Season 1 Ep126:01

I Am He | The Chosen Episode 8 59:06


Fairyland Tales

Fairyland Tales


Exclusive Movie: Fight for Freedom01:55:33


Snowball's Christmas Tails by the Fire01:02:09

A Boy Called Sailboat01:26:26

By God's Grace01:26:33

An Eye for an Eye01:38:27

Smuggler's Ransom46:25

The Bill Collector01:32:52

The Pathological Optimist01:33:14

White Fire | Film32:30

Unsilenced | Feature Film01:47:26

Shark School01:00:29

Until Forever01:41:12


A Horse Story01:36:42


12 Days With God 01:17:28

Before All Others01:21:15

The Pilgrim’s Progress01:53:13

Disaster at Devil’s Jaw01:21:54

Second Chance01:15:35

Headed South For Christmas01:04:03

Waiting on Mr. Sloth11:29

Milltown Pride02:14:30

A Christmas Star01:18:12

The Last Days of Patton02:25:41

The Missouri Traveler01:43:48

The Gift (SHORT)12:48

One-Eyed Jacks02:20:54



Sick School46:58

The Watchman’s Canoe01:41:24

The Monsun Gruppe & the Bose Treasure44:56

Twin Rivers01:46:42

Man of God01:48:56


The Accident49:32

My Secret Billionaire Epoch Cinema EPOCH CINEMA01:27:33

No Time to Run | America’s Great, New, Patriotic Film01:35:00

Not on This Night01:26:36

The Bible Collection: The Apocalypse01:32:40

The Bible Collection: Jesus01:44:50

The Bible Collection: Jeremiah01:31:24

The Bible Collection: Solomon01:45:57

The Famillie Rose Vase(En. Sub.)17:51

The Healer01:48:14

Assignment: Outer Space (AKA Space-Men) (1960)01:11:09

Sunset Over the Killing Fields02:05:50

My Mom Is a Liar | Short Film(En. Sub.)07:50

Crescendo | Short Film(En.Sub.)13:02

Giusta (Eng.Sub.)46:10


City Lights (1931)01:25:42

Effigy: Poison and the City01:24:35

Origin Bound01:14:40

Anything Is Possible


A Tale of Egypt

Holiday Party 3(En. Sub.)26:56

Trial Of Justice(Eng. Sub.)01:14:27

A Pamphlet(Silent)25:00


The Good Will(Eng. Sub.)09:24

Just Neighbors(1919)00:37

Tombstone Canyon (1932)58:42

The Glimmering Light(Eng. Sub.)26:37

The Wish(Eng. Sub.)09:43

The Days We Remember(Eng. Sub.)29:14

The Journey(Eng. Sub.)31:44

The Dawning(Eng. Sub.)41:35

The Emerald Bracelet(Eng. Sub.)27:53

Inside Information(1934)

The Gift(Eng. Sub.)18:21

The Miracle in Xiaoyu's Family(Eng. Sub.)25:17

Rhythm in the Clouds (1937)52:40

Angel and Badman01:39:39

The Destiny(Eng. Sub.)01:32:47

The Audition(Eng. Sub.)19:32

The Holiday Party(Eng. Sub.)05:22

Wine and Dine(En. Sub.)07:39

Thanksgiving Is…07:27

New Year's Wishes(Eng. Sub.)22:35

Cara’s Kindness10:38

Make a Million (1935)01:05:21

Up We Soar(Eng. Sub.)57:08

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 01:07:40


Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)01:37:02

Sunny (1941)01:35:00

Topper Returns01:28:07

A Kid for the Wild40:03

The Court Jester (1956)01:40:26

King Solomons Mines (1950)01:38:09

Waterloo Bridge (1940)01:47:47

Girl on the Bike(Eng. Sub.)39:02

Pure Instinct- Montana01:04:03

Gaslight (1944)01:53:22

Gone With The Wind (1939)03:45:42

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)01:26:45


Danger Ahead (1935)58:56

Gulliver’s Travels47:33


CCP’s Global Ambitions

CCP's Global Ambitions-Introduction

Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party

Nine Commenteries on the Communist Party 1

Anything For Power – A Cartoon Biography: The Real Story Of China’s Jiang Zemin(blog)

One: A Family Of Traitors

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

All Chapters



Canon in D | Cello by Vesislava | Johann Pachelbel

Canon in D | Cello by Vesislava | Johann Pachelbel05:55

Mozart: Linz Symphony No. 3633:49

Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 251:33

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37 | Manassas Symphony Orchestra44:47

Ludwig van Beethoven | Quartet C Minor, Op. 18, No. 4 (Arr. for String Orchestra)25:41

W. A. Mozart: Requiem | Ensemble Metamorphosis | Obilić Choir | Conductor Ana Ćosović55:13

Bach: Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, BWV 903 | Daniel Martyn Lewis12:31

Leopold Kozeluch: Symphony in G Minor, No. 320:35

Franz Strauss: Horn Concerto in C Minor, Op. 8, 1st and 2nd Movements09:38

Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata No. 8, A Minor, RV 44 | Johannes Raab12:34

Haydn: String Quartet, Op. 1 No. 1 | Zagreb Quartet16:15

W.A. Mozart: String Quartet D Minor, K. 421 | Zagreb Quartet27:11

Verdi Requiem | CCL | EAO | Grosu01:26:10

L. Van Beethoven: Cavatina From String Quartet in B Flat Major Op. 130 | Quartetto Noûs08:04

The Ballet 'Chopiniana' | Conductor Viktoria Racjuk35:32

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92

Beethoven: Macbeth Overture | Ensemble Accademia Ducale, Giovanni Claudio Traversi12:04

Cello Concerto in C Major | GTIYO09:48

ALBANY TRIO - F. Schubert: Trio in B flat, D.28 “Sonata” Allegro J. Turina: Circulo, Op.91 Nino Diaz: Las nueve promesas de Etoiracsi Judith Weir: O Viridissima Debussy: Trio in G major Frank Bridge: Valse Russe01:05:07

P. Royer: La Marche des Scythes | Yago Mahúgo, Harpsichord08:07

J. S. Bach: Cello Suite No.6 in D Major BWV 1012, Gavotte I + II | Johanna Rose – Viola Da Gamba04:21

Heavenly Melody Dances With Spring Breeze | Chinese Music | Musical Moments04:42

Joseph Haydn: ‘Nelson Mass’ | Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra42:06

George Frideric Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks (Overture) | Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra09:46

Beyond the Clouds, a Tranquil Scene Appears | Musical Moments02:40

Franz Schubert: Trio No. 2, Op. 100, Andante con moto | Ambroise Aubrun, Maëlle Vilbert, Julien Hanck09:41

Johann Adolf Hasse: Sinfonia G minor Op.5, No.6 | Lusatian Baroque Ensemble11:19

Robert Schumann: Concerto for Violoncello | Maximilian Hornung, CHAARTS22:42

Butterfly Lovers – Violin Concerto30:33

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Emperor Concerto40:13

he Sound of the Flute Evokes One’s Original Purity, Cleanses the Soul | Chinese Music | Musical Moments03:48

Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major (Excerpt)02:13

Johann Melchior Molter: Concerto No. 3 | Otto Sauter & Puebla Symphony Orchestra10:30

Beautiful Dizi Solo ’Awaken from Dream’ | Chinese Music | Musical Moments02:40

Johann Adolph Hasse: La Semele (1726) – Aria 908:11

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major (Eroica) 50:58

eautiful Xiao Music “Fisherman’s Song” | Chinese Music | Musical Moments02:41

Profound Expression of the Inner World of an Ancient Chinese Scholar | Chinese Music | Musical Moments02:52

Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 | Sandro Nebieridze, Mirian Khukhunaishvili35:35

Mozart: Overture to the Magic Flute | Thomas Ludwig Conducts Ludwig Symphony Orchestra07:36

Bach: Toccata & Fugue | Xaver Varnus in the Berliner Dom12:10

Serenity: Song of a peaceful lake | Musical Moment03:54

Mozart: Divertimento in E Flat Major K. 563 (Grand Trio) | New Italian String Trio41:46

Johann Strauss II: ‘The Beautiful Blue Danube’ | Kyiv Classic Orchestra09:08

Beethoven Violin Concerto | The Orchestra of the Transylvania State Philharmonic | Vlad Răceu49:30

‘Drunken Fisherman Singing in the Sunset’: One of the Top Ten Guqin Songs in China | Musical Moments05:06

This Dizi song is desolate, sad and compassionate | Chinese Music | Musical Moments04:20

Beethoven: 5th Symphony18:56

Francesco Scarlatti: Concerto Grosso No. 4 in E minor05:43

Beethoven: Sonata No.8, Op.13 ‘Pathétique’ 3rd Movement | Ray Ushikubo04:54

Beethoven: Symphony No. 5—Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Kristiina Poska31:22

Chinese Bamboo Flute Portrays a Beautiful, Heavenly Place | Chinese Music | Musical Moments05:10

Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty at the Concertgebouw36:24

Ask the Moon’: Beautiful, Touching Pipa Music | Chinese Music | Musical Moments03:27

Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria03:20

Camille Saint-Saëns: Concert Piece for Horn09:47

A Simple Waltz Through a Fantastical Landscape | Musical Moments03:21

Beautiful Dizi Solo The sacred oath and the diamond-like will made his faith even more firm03:15

Jean Philippe Rameau: Le Vézinet | Ensemble Nylandia03:12

Lidingö Motettkör (Lidingö Motet Choir): Ant han dansa, arranged by Lars Edlund03:41

G. F. Haendel: Xerxes Overture | Coin du Roi, C. Frattima06:53

Jacques-Martin Hotteterre: Rondeau ‘Le plaintif,’ Gigue ‘L’Italienne’ | Embouchure06:22

Christoph Graupner: Concerto for Viola d’Amore and Flute17:54

he Long-Awaited ‘Yingzhou Ancient Melody (2)’: Fresh, Elegant, and Delicate | Musical Moments06:13

1 Hour Finding Simplicity Through a Journey of the Majestic Emerald Hills |Musical Moments58:53

Jacques-Martin Hotteterre | Olga Musiał-Kurzawska, Dagmara Tyrcha, Stanisław Stanicki18:02

William Byrd: Ave Verum Corpus | Gradualia, Simón Andueza03:49

William Byrd: Laudibus in Sanctis06:04

Bach/Marcello: Adagio BWV 974 | Tampalini03:45

Michele Mascitti (1664–1760): Sonata III Op. 1, Adagio (‘Sonate a violino solo’ Op. 1, libro primo, Amsterdam 1704)03:07

Wellness Matters

Here’s the Problem With Mainstream Heart, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Medicine: Dr. Paul Marik | Florida Summit

Here’s the Problem With Mainstream Heart, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Medicine: Dr. Paul Marik | Florida Summit10:25

After Decades of Migraines, Here’s What I Did To Heal Her10:35

Dementia Sufferers Show Revival of Memory & Cognition Through Cell Nutrient–Plasmalogen Treatment. What’s Their Next Step to Recovery?—Key to Cure PART 329:17

How Big Pharma Used the Tobacco Industry Playbook: Dr. Pierre Kory | Florida Summit21:24

How I Used Vitamin C to Treat My Cancer Patient: Dr. Monti09:28

Only 30 Percent Heal From Trauma With Talk Therapy: Is There Hope in Psychedelic Medicine? Feat. Dr. Sara Gottfried31:32

Rewiring Depression: 80-85 Percent of Depressives Improve Significantly on Adv. Nutrient Therapy | Feat. Dr. William J. Walsh43:14

The Chocolate Diet52:48

Trauma: The Ghost in Our Cells—and Fascinating Ways to Heal It | Epoch Original Documentary Series53:31

Longevity Studies Reveal Habits That Can Add 20+ Years to Your Life | Feat. Dr. Damon Noto33:30

Woman in 40s Asked Me How to Live a Long Life: Here’s What We Suggested10:26

Treating Osteoporosis (Bone Loss): Medication, Micronutrients, Exercise, and Foods for Bone Health | Feat. Dr. Mohit Shukla34:31

‘Alzheimer’s Gene’ Heightens Alzheimer’s Risk but the Plasmalogen Nutrient Defends Against It—Key to Cure? (Part 1)24:17

Dr. Littell: What Must Happen for People to Trust Doctors Again05:10

Chia Seeds’ Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Power vs. Salmon; Chia’s Key Health Benefits11:28

Husband in Late 50s Falls Into Sudden Depression: Here’s What 'Turned the Lights Back On'10:21

How Effective is Weight-Loss Medication vs. Supplements? New Phase of Weight-Loss Meds | Feat. Dr. Damon Noto01:14

Defuse Cancer Risk by Reversing Biomarker (Early Warning Signs): Fix Cancer Risk Factors—PART 231:19

When Is Your Lower Back Pain Serious? How to Avoid Further Injury | Feat. Dr. Damon Noto28:34

Cancer Risk Factors in Blood Before Cancer Begins: Fix Cancer Risk Factors—PART 102:20

Using the Keto Diet for Weight Loss & Combining HIIT (Training) for Faster Results | Feat. Dr. Damon Noto30:36

Will Anyone Trust the Shots Again?—How the CDC Hid a Warning18:49

Does Boxing’s Concussion Danger Outweigh Its Sporting and Cultural Value? From ‘Rocky’ to ‘Creed’: Boxing as a Cultural Icon24:20

What Does Autism’s Biochemistry Reveal About Its Cause and Potential for Treatment? Feat. Dayan Goodenowe PhD40:23

Did Seizure, Stroke, or Other Factor Cause Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ‘Freezing’ Episodes? Feat. Dr. Alejandro F. Centurion19:15

Study: Daily Soda Drinkers Have an 85–Percent–Higher Risk of Developing Liver Cancer04:58

Is Oatmeal Bad for Your Teeth and Gut? How to Disable Oatmeal’s Phytic Acid10:20

Oils, Fats, and Inflammation: Is What You Are Eating Helping or Hurting?26:39

Can Concussions in Football, Other Sports Cause Parkinson’s? How to Keep Underage Players Safe | Featuring Dr. Barry Jordan24:24

How Can Stem Cells, Exosomes, PRP Combat Arthritis? Why Adult Stem Cells Are More Ethical Than Embryonic20:40

Doctor Explains Eastern Idea of Energy in Western Terms10:13

How Alzheimer’s Could Be Treated With Functional MRI and Ultrasound | Feat. Dr. Sheldon Jordan12:04

Traditional Chinese Medicine Is (Probably) Not What You Think12:19

Could Mold, Metals in Food, Our Own Bacteria Cause Alzheimer’s? How Do We Detox?19:31

Why Are Male Athletes Collapsing on the Field? Son of Lebron James the Latest Victim of Heart Failure18:11

Is Depression ‘All in the Mind’? Do People ‘Choose Depression’? Feat. Dr. Jingduan Yang19:45

Doctor Explains Why Traditional Chinese Medicine Is So Good at Treating Chronic Diseases09:43

Why T-cell Lymphoma Cancer Didn’t Faze Pat Croce14:03

How Does Mindfulness Meditation Compare to Antidepressants for Anxiety? Can It Treat Diabetes?13:34

Does Reducing Saturated Fats Impact Hypertension, Cholesterol, and Overall Health?06:00

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Can Counter PTSD, Depression, Anxiety—Here’s How | Feat. Marilyn Luber17:45

Could Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Be Curbed by a Strange Staple of Asian Cooking?06:49

How to Find Happiness in the Modern World: Dr. Gad Saad15:22

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) for Your Unresolved Stress, Trauma? Featuring Dr. Daniel Monti16:12

Brain Fitness 101: Ultimate Guide to Optimal Brain Health | The Dr. Monti Show36:09

Rare Disease Erupts in Peru; WHO to Authenticate Health Records; Surprising Habits That Damage Liver11:12

Two Very Different Tinnitus Treatments: Vitamin B12 and Crickets07:12

What Changes Happen in a Brain That Is Faithful, Spiritual, Mindful?13:47

How to Restore Lost Sense of Smell and Taste After COVID-19 Infection13:14

Here’s How One Doctor Is Reversing Mental Illness07:00

Which Sunscreen is Best? SPF 30, 50, 100? Broad or Multi-spectrum?04:22

Are Vegetable Oils Killing Us? We Swapped Them in for Animal Fats 50 Years Ago09:03

Can We Lose Weight by ‘Rewiring’ Our Ancient, Survival Eating Instincts?21:22

Can Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Be Treated With Psychedelics?–Dr. Bernardo Merizalde, MD11:24

What Happens When mRNA Tech Is Used in Flu Vaccines? Higher Effectiveness or Higher Danger?07:31

These Are the States Affected by Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes09:13

NAC – used for Vax Detox – Could Also Offer Parkinson’s Breakthrough13:05

How 50 Million Americans Can Reverse Their Diabetes at Zero Cost17:30

We Try Somi’s Intense Skincare Routine!22:20

Cancer: The Integrative Perspective01:43:56

Birth Rates Are Dropping Worldwide Post COVID-19 Vaccination—Here’s What Women Can Do14:41

We Tried Hailey Bieber’s Entire Skincare Routine!19:54

Can mRNA Vax Toxins Be Countered With N-acetylcysteine (NAC)?10:31

How This $10 Million Study Will Probe Your Body’s Innate Healing Mechanisms That Are Unlocked During Meditation19:10

We Swapped Our Oily/Acne & Dry Skin Routines for One Week! Bad Idea…31:58

You Probably Use Ibuprofen for These 5 Causes of Pain; Here Are the Best Alternatives

[Audio]The Give-Up Track

Fast-Food Chains Use Wood Pulp, Seaweed, and Soy to Bulk up ‘Chicken Products’: Study 10:27

Ranking 7 Gel Moisturizers We Swear By for Oily, Combo, Acne-Prone Skin!19:57

Motherhood Is About Loving Your Imperfect Self—And Giving That Love to Others24:10

Beware of Toxic Chocolate: Heavy Metals Found in Major Brand Names13:07

Your Pores Are Oily and Your Skin Is Dry at the Same Time? Combination Skin Tips!26:41

Is Your Tap Water Really Safe?07:52

Sunscreen Facts to Know About! ft. Chemist Confessions25:25

The Empties: Best & Most Recommended Products26:50

HPV Vaccine: Is It Even Worth It?16:26

This Is Destroying Your Child’s Mind08:38

The False Messaging on Vaccines Given to Pregnant Women09:52

Everything You Should Know About Sunscreen28:02

Replenish Collagen for Healthy Joints: Best Exercise, Diet, and Supplements to Replenish ‘Shock Absorber’05:53

How to Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Oily, Combo, and Dry Skin Types!26:27

The ADHD Problem Is Bad—Widespread Cannabis Use Will Make It Many Times Worse05:53

12 Foods That Are Very High in Omega-3 | Eat Better10:00

The Most Important Factor for Strong Immunity: Dr. Simon Goddek12:40

Let Your Kids Be Kids

What Lurks Inside Your Week-Old Bed Sheets07:28

Organic vs. Non-Organic Apples: Which is Better for Health and Nutrition?06:20

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet | Eat Better10:02

10 Proven Health Benefits of Yogurt | Eat Better09:59

Toxic Heavy Metal ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Major Brand Name Spices13:02

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have Lower Autism Rates–Is It Because They Circumcise Their Boys Differently?

Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice for Mental Health Treatment

Nutrition for Hair Growth: Can Omega Fatty Acids and Essential Nutrients Make a Difference?07:55

Can Our Brains Change? | The Dr. Monti Show36:09

World’s Longest Study: Do This Now to Have Great Health in Your 80s11:02

Does the Key to Curing Alzheimer’s and Rare Childhood Disease–RCDP–Lie in Plasmalogens?17:50

With Large Injury Numbers, Is a Colonoscopy Even Worth It?10:57

Does ‘Dark Mode’ on Phones Really Help Us Sleep?10:31

Oriental Goji Berry Long Used for Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, and Eye-Health Properties07:28

Eat 2 Eggs, or More? How Many Eggs to Eat and Good Versus Bad Cholesterol05:23

How to Easily Eat Enough Soluble Fiber and Lose Belly Fat06:00

Losing Hair? Going Bald? Can it Really be Stopped?–Natural and Medical Methods08:03

How Acupuncture is Used to Calm the Fight or Flight Stress Response of Long COVID33:30

Doctors Treating Long COVID Explain How to Combat Spike Protein & Other COVID Factors20:32

Treat Depression, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue With Magnesium’s Force of 1008:15

Does Cosmetic Surgery Make Life Better? Nip And Tuck?22:13

How to Better Regulate Your Thyroid to Prevent Cancer, Fatigue, and Weight Gain06:36

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